Gather Greene pavilion is for those couples that want an outdoor wedding, but not an outdoor wedding tent. You want to be outside in nature, but also be ready for whatever nature has planned.

Whether you’re planning a grand soiree with 250 of your best friends (the max capacity) or an intimate dinner party, the pavilion has you covered. An interior section within the pavilion houses all supporting amenities; six single use bathrooms, two luxury dressing suites, a generous catering kitchen, and a large upstairs lounge space. In other words; this pavilion is the answer to your outdoor event dreams.

With the Berkshire Mountains to the East and the Catskill Mountains to the West, the pavilion offers 4000 square feet of open covered space with views that don’t quit when you walk inside. A great abundance of electrical outlets and zero columns means you have the flexibility to set the stage exactly as you like. he light, sculptural screening walls of the pavilion offer unobstructed views of the sprawling field and mountains beyond, while casting dramatic shadows within. In the event of inclement weather, motorized shades are easily lowered, protecting the screening walls and your event from any offending rain or wind.

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All the comforts of a tiny hotel room, in the middle of the woods. With a grand picture window, you will feel like you are out in nature, but with air conditioning, heating, and warm showers, you will be able to enjoy it like never before. Each one of our seventeen cabins comes with an outside deck, a king size bed, bathroom, closet with large mirror, mini fridge, and caffeine fix.

Wondering what all the fuss is about the grounds at Gather Greene? It’s hard to describe just what it feels like to be here, but we’ll try. We sit on over 100 acres, but all of the main attractions live in relatively close vicinity at the very top of our great ridge. From this vantage point, your gaze travels clear through to Massachusetts and the Berkshire Mountains. The ridge also grants amazing privacy, and of course we took advantage of this feature of the landscape, placing the cabins right on the precipice, so you can feel like you’re sleeping in a tree house (no ladder necessary!). What else do we have up here? Well, since we are perfectly located between two mountain ranges -views of the Catskill Mountains can also be enjoyed from the pavilion and massive field just outside. Did we mention we also have an old blasted out shale quarry (complete with pond) that feels like an oasis in the middle of woods? Oh and of course there’s also watching the sun rise from your cozy cabin bed.

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