Bethel Pastures Farm Bed & Breakfast is a 52 acre farm-stay property in the Catskill Mountains with small rental cabins on the property. You are welcome to feed or pet the animals, hike the property or just sit and relax at their campsite, farmhouse front porch or site hammock.

The original house, built around 1860 was enlarged in 1905 to serve as a boarding house for city guests. Over the years they have added cozy 12 x 12 cabins , all with running water, some with great outdoor kitchens and one family cabin.

Sheep and Chickens free range on the 52 acre hobby farm. They are feed them organic grains and they provide your delicious free range, organic, omega rich colorful breakfast eggs! Come and collect your eggs and pick veggies from the garden! Participate in all farm chores, from feeding sheep, chickens and cats to collecting eggs, harvesting flowers and weeding the veggie garden( need lots of help here!). You can even help with rounding up the sheep to move them to another paddock. You may even be at the farm to participate in the wool shearing or witness lambing. You never know what adventures you will have on the farm here at Bethel Pastures Farm!

A Few Of The Bethel Pastures Farm Outdoor Activities:

Mountain Biking/Hiking At Bethel Pastures Farm
Bring your bike and hiking shoes to Bethel Pastures Farm 52 acres! There are many Biking and Hiking opportunities here on the farm or in Sullivan County including Walnut Mountain park 12 minutes away in Liberty, Parksville O & W Rail Trail where you can view the scenic waterfall on the Little Beaverkill trout stream.

There are so many fishing lakes, reservoirs and stream in Sullivan County, you are sure to catch a FISH!​ Trout, bass, shad, perch and pickerel can all be found here. Trout are very plentiful in the Willowemoc and Beaverkill and we are the fly fishing capital of the east coast. Delaware River for rafting, kayaking and canoeing. Beautiful and scenic!