Borabora Fruit Juices was born in 1995 when founder Michael Heath became mystified as to why there was not any orange juice for sale at his local bagel shop or delicatessen that tasted any good! Juices on the shelf were disagreeable, sour, too acidic and did not taste freshly made. He loved the fresh squeezed taste of the orange juice he’d enjoyed in Florida when visiting there, but could find no such taste at his local breakfast or lunch spot.

Thus was born BoraBora Fruit Juices, whose purpose was to squeeze and deliver the best juice possible to all the “regular” places where people sought breakfast or lunch. “We would haul fresh oranges, lemons and carrots back from The Hunt’s Point Produce Market in the Bronx and squeeze oranges all day and night”. “The real problem was getting rid of all the orange peels”, says Heath.

Soon Strawberries and Raspberries were being made into smoothies and lemonades were expanded to include not only the best Traditional Lemonade around, but delicious Pink and Strawberry versions as well. They set the standard for how good lemonade could really taste when the best parts of the lemon and real cane sugar made up the whole ingredient list.


Selections From BoraBora Fruit Juices

  • Super C Smoothie
    Whole American Strawberries are blended with Orange Juice and Whole Bananas from Costa Rica.
  • Super Antioxidant Smoothie
    Super Anti-Ox is our blend of Carrot Juice, Orange Juice and whole Bananas.
  • Mango
    Whole, delicious, Tropical Mangoes from Ecuador are blended with Apple juice and Orange juice. This juice is like eating a Mango without the work!
  • Lemon Green Tea
    Our Green Tea is made from Real Brewed Organic Sencha Green Tea.
  • Traditional Lemonade
    Borabora Lemonade is made from the whole lemon fruit. We make use of the lemon pith, oil, rind, pulp and of course the juice, to give our lemonade a more rounded lemon flavor than the rest. We then use only Cane Sugar to sweeten it.
  • Blood Red Lemonade
    Borabora is the only brand of Blood Red Lemonade you will find anywhere! We source beautiful Blood Red Orange Juice from California or Italy and mix it with our high quality Lemonade made from Whole Lemons and Cane Sugar. The result is a grown up, not overly sweetened, lemonade with the delicious flavor of real Blood Orange Orange Juice!
  • Pink Lemonade
    Pink Lemonade almost always wins when it comes to being the choice of kids. We blend our traditional lemonade with a carefully sourced, completely natural Pink extract made in Switzerland from Cherries, Beats and other fruits and vegetables. Borabora’s core belief of using only the most natural ingredients we can find, is maintained using this all natural, gift of nature.