Rock Valley Spirits is an American craft distillery in the Western Catskill region of New York State. Today, in our restored and modified barn, we make small batch handcrafted spirits from locally sourced ingredients. Like many of our neighbors and relatives “on the hill,” we do most things the old fashioned way…homegrown, made from scratch. It might not be the easiest way, but then, the joy is in the work.

Our family has been in Rock Valley for five generations, and we have been restoring and converting our 1860’s barn into a Farm Distillery specializing in handcrafted spirits using traditional methods. All of our spirits are made from locally sourced grain and cider.

Our product line includes Gin, Vodka, and infused Vodkas using wild berries that we pick. Aging in our stone cellar is Single Malt Whiskey, Apple Brandy and Rye.

Rock Valley Spirits Products:


The quality of this Vodka is greatly influenced by the quality of the ingredients. Rock Valley Spirits start with New York State wheat and malted barley to create a bolder vodka. It’s distilled twice in small batches using a copper pot still, letting the spicier notes of this all-grain mash bill sing. We use only Catskill mountain water from deep inside our bluestone cliffs for a smooth, clean tasting with hints of vanilla and pepper


Premium gin starts with premium ingredients. We use 100% New York grain enhanced by eleven botanicals, including orris root, citrus peel, and coriander, but the heart of any gin is juniper. We use a blend of junipers, including wild berries, foraged from our farm. At first, you will notice fresh citrus noted followed by the exotic peppery flavors from North African spices comes through, leading to a long finish where hints of warm sweeter spices linger.

Elderberry Flavored Vodka

Rock Valley Spirits  “grain to glass” Vodka is infused with wild elderberries that we pick here on our mountain farm. It has no added sugar, allowing complex, earthy notes, and rich tannins to come forward. Natural tartness and mild astringency create a long, dry finish. Best served neat in a chilled glass, and it can also add drama when layered into your latest cocktail creation.

Raspberry Flavored Vodka

Our “grain to glass” Vodka is infused with fresh wild raspberries from here on our mountain farm. The berries impart a bright, tangy flavor as well as a delightful color that can only be found in nature. The complex rose scent is balanced by tartness, making it perfect for a summer afternoon, either on the rocks or as a part of a refreshing and delightfully colored cocktail.

Elderflower Liqueur

This spirit is infused with wild elderflowers from our farm, picked at the peak of their bloom. With its beautiful floral nose and amber color, Rock Valley Spirits Elderflower Liqueur is springtime in the Catskills, bottled and in your hands. Exotic fruit flavors are balanced by notes of tea and citrus with just the right sweetness. Use as an aperitif or mixed with champagne. Indispensable for creating elaborate cocktails.