The K9 Konnection dog training is located near Poughkeepsie, New York and serves the greater Hudson Valley.

Whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy, adopted/rescued a dog (young or old!), or would like to work on training a dog that’s already a part of your family, The K9 Konnection can help you. Their training approach is entirely force-free and based on scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods. NO prong collars, NO choke chains, NO physical force and NO shock collars. The result – a wonderful relationship with your canine friend that is built on trust, kindness, patience, and cooperation.


The K9 Konnection offers:

Group Classes
A variety of group classes for you and your K9 friend to enjoy! From puppy kindergarten to advanced obedience to fun and games classes.

K9K Day Camp
A wonderfully positive, relaxed social environment for your dog to make friends and play while you’re at work or running your errands!

Private Training and Behavior Consultation
Private Training and Behavior Consultations are available for those of who would prefer more personal, customized training solutions.

Owner/trainer Nil has been training dogs for over 13 years and is certified by both the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) and by Animal Behavior College. She has been and continues to be a student of canine behavior and, a researcher by trade, Nil always stays abreast of the latest in behavior research so that she brings her clients the best and most effective training techniques. Nil is adamant in her belief that training dogs without force, rather with kindness and patience, earns a dog’s trust and cooperation and enhances your relationship with your dog.