On The Bluff Labradors has been raising English Labradors conforming to breed standards for over 50 years.

Their goal has been to breed beautiful dogs conforming to breed standards and having soundness of temperament and body. The Labradors retain the hunting ability that has made them the supreme hunting retriever. They are an intelligent, well-tempered and a perfect family companion and service dog.

On The Bluff Labradors uses stud dogs with a background of multiple Grand Champions, combining lineage with the outstanding genetics of their females. This results in Labs that are cute, adorable puppies, but dogs that can be well trained, healthy companions for a lifetime.

The training program is designed to give puppies the absolute best chance at long term behavioral health. Positive reinforcement-based training has proven benefits for puppies’ brains. The get started right away on basic puppy manners, which not only gives you tools to communicate with them; it also helps them learn to love and enjoy training.

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