The Orange County Bicycle Club, or OCBC, comprises a dedicated group of cycling enthusiasts. For the past three decades, this group has been exploring the scenic routes of the Hudson Valley, actively advocating for healthy living through the joy of cycling. Every Saturday, members convene at the Big V Parking Lot, located at the intersection of 17-A and Route 94 in Florida, NY, to embark on group rides. Beyond Saturdays, the club organizes additional rides on Sundays and throughout the week, commencing from various spots within the County.

The allure of Orange County, NY for cyclists is truly unmatched. The abundance of quiet roads set amidst picturesque landscapes of fields, lakes, pastures, and woodlands offers an unparalleled cycling experience. As riders reach the summit of a hill and catch sight of the stunning vistas and the high ridges, a profound sense of tranquility and joy envelops them, reinforcing their love for cycling. These breathtaking routes are waiting for you to explore and enjoy as a part of the Orange County Bicycle Club.

In addition to their passion for cycling, OCBC members are actively engaged in community service. They regularly participate in charitable events and have made a remarkable impact by donating over 65 bicycles to underprivileged children in the local area. Their commitment to cycling and philanthropy embodies their ethos of promoting a healthy and vibrant community through their shared love for cycling.