Tazza Cafe Coffee & Espresso Bar

Tazza Cafe Coffee & Espresso Bar offers more than a quick caffeine hit. Gentler cappuccinos and lattes are equally appealing to patrons, many of whom like to add chocolate or eggnog or one of the other available flavorings.

Moderne Barn Restaurant – Global Cuisine

Moderne Barn Restaurant delivers exceptional global cuisine in a setting that will make you feel at home – whether for a business meeting, after a round of golf, or with family for a relaxing weekend gathering.

The Beehive Restaurant

Located in the heart of Westchester in Armonk, NY, The Beehive Restaurant is a neighborhood restaurant that serves Continental and American Classics.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt Self Serve

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt provides a variety of frozen yogurt flavors topped with your choice of fresh fruit, dry fruit, and healthy & fun toppings.