Caffè Ammi Roasting Co. is a full-service specialty coffee roaster based in Pelham, NY. Its roots go back to 1963 in East Harlem, NYC when Dominic P. Ammirati began importing espresso machines to America amid the scent of roasting coffee. Today the tradition is kept alive by the third-generation. Caffè Ammi sources the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans from producers all over the world and crafts the highest quality coffee in small batches on state-of-the-art roasting equipment. Our balance of art and science ensure great tasting coffee. Visit the roastery & tasting room for an exceptional coffee experience.

Our roastery and tasting room is open daily and available for private functions.

Caffè Ammi Roasting Co. Coffee Selections:

Full City Roast
South Central City Roast
Brown Sugar, Rounded
Honduras Nueva Esperanza Medium Roast
Brazil Mogiana SWP Decaf
Uganda Bugisu
The French
Sumatra Mandheling
Dark South Central Dark Roast
Brown Sugar, Rounded, Bold
Cold Brew Blend
Colombia Supremo Medium Roast
Winter Wonderblend
109 Blend Snapchilled Cans
109 Blend
Sumatra Mandheling GR.1
Uganda Bugisu AA