Rare Form Brewing Company is a small-scale brewery creating finely crafted beer. The team at Rare Form has a deep passion for experimentation and invention in the world of ale, and they are always excited to push the boundaries of what is possible in the brewing process. They view their work as an art form, much like other creative endeavors, and strive to infuse every batch of beer they produce with their unique perspective and experience.

Rare Form Brewing Company draws inspiration from the many regions where it has lived and worked, including the Midwest, West, Northwest, and Northeast. It takes great care to reflect on each region’s cultural and geographical sensibilities, incorporating those elements into its recipes and the overall design of its taproom.

Whether you’re a beer lover or just someone who appreciates the art of craft brewing, Rare Form Brewing Company offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. From its passion for experimentation to its commitment to honoring the rich history of each region it calls home, this brewery is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the world of craft beer.

Beer selections from Rare Form Brewing Company:

  • Sabbatical Session Ale
    This light, crisp and citrusy ale is brewed with rye and a blend of spices as well as generously dry hopped to offer you a light but full bodied beer that will bring you a change of pace. The refreshing quality and low alcohol level make this a beer you can enjoy for sessions.
  • Satan’s Gut Oak-Aged Imperial Stout
    This deep and complex stout is as dark as the bottom of the Colorado River rapid it is named after. Paying homage to the adventurous explorers that have tackled this rapid, we carefully brewed this beer with generous amounts dark espresso and aged on whiskey-soaked American oak.
  • Wee Plaid Scottish Ale
    Wee brewed this beer with intentions of bridging tastes of Scotland and the North East. Full of rich caramel malty goodness and supported by a healthy wallop of local hops ye sure to say it’s pure dead brilliant!
  • Royal Toasted Coconut Cream Ale
    This beer might not be the next King but could very well be the newest member of the Royal Family. This crisp cream ale has been aged on toasted coconuts to give you a refreshing and tropical experience that will make you feel like royalty.
  • La Femme Chat
    La Femme Chat, (L’homme Chat’s stronger and sweeter sister) is a black Belgian ale with dark fruit flavors and roasted notes.
  • Saturday Sun
    Using calypso and chinook hops this double IPA has a complex fruity and dank flavors brewed with oats and wheat to create a perfect balance with a nice dry finish.
  • Earth to Troy
    This crisp, farmhouse saison has spicy and earthy flavors from a balanced blend of NY and Belgian malts, collaborating with NY and Noble hops. The yeast has a funky flavor profile that rounds out the earthiness of this beer and brings us back to Troy!

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