Left Bank Ciders makes small-batch ciders and meads that reflect the agricultural and ecological landscapes of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. All ingredients are sourced from within an hour from their cellar where the ciders are pressed, fermented, and aged.

​In addition to their own ciders and meads, The Left Bank Tasting Room serves the finest New York State-produced beverages, with an impressive list of beer, wine, spirits and local ciders.

“It is our mission to make inventive, small-batch ciders that celebrate apples and their environment. But our roots are in compost. In everything we do, we work towards simplicity and use regenerative practices, striving to leave things better than we found them.”

A Sampling Of Ciders & Meads

Left Bank Ciders makes inventive, small-batch ciders that celebrate apples and their environment. They both forage their own apples from wild and abandoned trees as well as work with local orchards to make the best hard ciders possible. The ciders tend to be dry and complex, with something for everybody.

Old Gold
We pressed Old Gold from some of the last apples grown by our friends Sue and Ed Goold on their family orchard and it rested in maple bourbon barrels for over a year, giving it a mellow whiskey character. Think crisp white wine aged in Kentucky. Bone dry, mildly sparkling.

​Our friend Tina let us pick truckloads of apples from her generations-old farm in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. And while the backbone of this cider is a particular uncultivated, bitter-sweet apple, on trips to and from Tina’s we would pick every roadside crab we could find, resulting in a complex, fruit-forward dry cider with a balanced structure and crisp finish.

MaryAnn’s Mead
MaryAnn Welsh makes wildflower honey at her homestead near Middleburgh, NY. We mixed her honey with filtered water, fermented to complete dryness, and barrel aged for close to a year. This is full bodied honey flavor without any cloying sweetness.

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