Hudson Valley Distillers is a family owned and operated Farm Distillery creating spirits from all local fruits and grains.

Our current lineup includes Vodka, 3 different Applejacks, Gin, and Whisky, in small batches. Our vodka and applejacks are from local apples, the gin is made from New York grapes, and two whiskeys, one made from a locally produced beer and the other from local rye. In the Cocktail Grove we showcase the versatility of our spirits with fine cocktails and local light fare.

More than just a distillery, we invite you to a space where you can relax on the patio or lawn and listen to local live music, enjoy a cocktail and a tasting, or learn about the spirits production process. Bring your kids, bring your dogs, we are family and pet friendly. All this in the wonderful Hudson Valley, surrounded by a myriad of other activities and sites.


Offerings from Hudson Valley Distillers

  • Chancellor’s Hardscrabble Applejack
    Chancellor Robert Livingston was an author of the Declaration of Independence, an entrepreneur that brought the steam ship to the Hudson River Valley, and the man that administered the oath of office to George Washington. He also once owned the land that we now call Spirits Grove Farm. During the Chancellor’s time, the town of Red Hook was known as Hardscrabble and was a crossroad on the main road between Albany and New York City. We like to think weary travelers may have stopped there and enjoyed Applejack similar to ours. Strong American oak start, hints of caramel and vanilla, ends like an aged scotch.
  • Fine Shine Applejack
    Our version of Moonshine, except it’s a step above, so we call it Fine Shine. This is the same base spirit we use to make our aged Applejacks. Crisp apple nose, soft taste of fruit and a subtle licorice finish.
  • Spirits Grove Gin
    Clear Mountain Gin is a true Hudson Valley gin. Distilled from Hudson-Chatham winery’s award winning wine, its light juniper flavor is enhanced with locally sourced botanicals including Hudson Valley cucumbers and foraged Staghorn sumac. The result is a soft, mellow gin with hints of citrus and the NY grapes it comes from.
  • Chancellor’s Imperial Whisky
    Coming soonMade from Imperial Stout brewed by our friends at Chatham Brewery, this is like no whisky you’ve ever had. Hints of vanilla on the nose, tastes of malt, with a roasted chocolate finish.