HÅKAN Chocolatier has opened a chocolate speakeasy on Main Street in Beacon New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The shop offers a wide selection of stunning bonbons with shells that are always razor-thin, perfectly tempered, with a great snap and beautiful ‘melt.’ In addition to chocolate, Håkan was convinced to go back to his roots and is baking up a storm! Traditional Swedish cardamom buns have become a favorite of locals. Espresso based coffee drinks using beans from Brooklyn roastery Devocion have added greatly to the local coffee scene.

HÅKAN Chocolatier offers hard to find and uniquely sourced ingredients, such as seeds of the lotus, lingonberries and Hawthorn. His creations have a noticeable Nordic flavor with global influences that are complex yet balanced: salt vs sweet, bitter vs sour, rough vs elegant.

A limited collection of tablets are available (dark, ruby, milk, and white chocolate), each combined with flavors that surprise the palate.

Weddings are Håkan’s favorite theme. Customizing bonbons to the tastes and personalities of couples is a unique talent he has. Sculptures? Yes, Håkan creates magnificent creatures and things of beauty for special occasions. A veritable Michelangelo, with a chocolate palette!