Kerrs Creek Distillery, LLC. is a family farm distillery crafting small batch distilled products from experience that spans generations and using only the finest ingredients.

Kerrs Creek Distillery products are sold by retailers throughout the Catskill Mountains region. Please check their website for locations.


Kerrs Creek Distillery Products:

Silver Moon Vodka is distilled from locally grown potatoes; then blended with our pure mountain water. Carved out of the mountain side, our well brings the purest water possible. All this contributes to a crisp clear vodka that makes an amazing mixed drink or better yet straight up. Enjoy!

For a limited release be sure to try our Silver Moon Apple Flavored Vodka. Hand picked wild and cultivated apples are blended and distilled. Then, just because we like them so much, we throw in more apples for that delicious apple flavor. This and our pure mountain water contribute to a clear, crisp apple vodka. Enjoy!

Our Easy Speaker Bourbon Whiskey is made using locally grown and malted corn; then aged in small hand-crafted oak barrels, made in New York State, to impart an exceptionally smoother flavor in an optimum amount of time. All of this contributing to a supremely silky bourbon. Enjoy!