Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery is located in the beautiful historic Hudson Valley region, this winery grows and produces elegant country Hudson River region wines. Visitors have a choice of many graceful wines to taste.

Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery’s award winning wines have been pleasing the palatable senses of this region for over 29 years.

The cozy tasting room is open year round. Brimstone welcomes small and large groups to enjoy all four glorious seasons the valley has to offer. Begin your visit walking through rows of tall
slender vines, where each season teaches us to understand some aspect about the wine grape.
Inside patrons are able to taste a variety of wines ranging from dry chilled whites, to toasty reds and sumptuous semi-sweet whites.

Brimstone Hill Vineyard & Winery Wine List

Aged in Oak, it has a nice buttery finish and citrus overtones. Good with any meal.

Seyval Blanc
A high quality varietal with good character and smooth after taste. Perfect for seafood, appetizers and chicken.

Vin Rouge
Our own blend of Foch , Chambourcin, and Chancellor is a great house wine ready for all hearty dishes.

Cabernet Franc
Our favorite red vinifera in the vineyard! Full bodied with a clean berry nose and warm finish. Enjoy with any elegant meal, especially red meat.

A recent New York State variety with excellent tannin structure and a long finish. This is a good all around red with a black pepper accent. Bronze medal 2011

Vidal Blanc
A sweet white wine with a light citrus and honey flavor. Good with spicy meals, for sipping and fruit desserts.

Cayuga White
A semi-sweet wine with delicate fruit flavors and tropical aromas. A great wine to sip on a hot afternoon. An award winner at the 2000 NY Wine & Food Classic Competition.

A wonderful sweet wine with a great balance. Full of fruit and flowers, it makes a very satisfying desset wine. Bronze medal 2011.

Domaine Bourmont Sparkling Wine
Made in the full “Methode Champenoise” this dry sparkling is a must for all celebrations! An award winner in 2002.