Palaia Vineyards Winery “Pa-Lie-Ahh”…named for our winemaker’s grandfather, Angelo Palaia who emigrated here from Italy and passed his winemaking skills on to his son and grandson. We have taken the basics he gave us , and with modern winemaking techniques have been able to make some truly outstanding wines. Here at Sweet Clover Farm, we believe in celebrating and preserving the history of our family, country, town and homestead.

We are proud to be the owners of a working farm that has been in the Hudson Valley for over 200 years. Once a dairy farm, it is now home to over 10 Acres of vineyards with more planned for the future.

Palaia Vineyards Winery Wine List:

Cabernet Franc
Pinot Noir
Seriously Red – a blend of selected red varietal grapes.
This table wine has a hint of oak, and a serious flavor.

Uva Secca – an Amarone style wine from Cab Franc Grapes.

Irene – a great blend of white wine grapes-neither sweet or dry, it’s right in the middle with an amazingly fresh lime taste. Goes great with foods of all kinds-a nice, clean refreshing wine.

Mead – wine made from local clover honey.

Joyful Pink – a semi sweet rose with strawberry overtones.

Smead – Strawberry Mead