Pazdar Winery is home of the original wine chocolatiers and culinary wine delights. They handcraft gourmet boutique wines with attitude.

The first wines were released June 1996. To ensure quality, Pazdar Winery handcrafts their wines using the finest grapes, fresh pressed fruit juice, and finest winemaking techniques from Europe and the United States. All wines are carefully aged and it is only when they have reached the desired flavor, that they are bottled and sold.

The Pazdar Winery was started in 1995 by David and Tracy Pazdar to give you innovative and highly creative wines for your palate as well as top quality varietals. The “house” label comes from the original intended name for the winery “Chateau de la Forme Brise’™” A name that was created back when David was still in college. It translates as the House of the Broken Mold.

They average 2-3 new wines each year. Wines are fermented in small barrels, the largest being 60 gallons. In addition to using top quality grapes and other fruits from around New York, they use the finest spices from around the world. Some of the peaches in their fortified peach wine came from their tree. Many of the spices they grow themselves on their property.

Some Wines From Pazdar Winery

Eden’s Pleasure™
A sensuous blend of premium white wine and natural flavors. Hints of bananas and chocolate. The Garden of Eden in a bottle….

A luscious fortified peach wine with the spirit of a young southern belle…sophisticated and elegant.

Miss Isabella™
This wine is a semi-sweet fruity rose’ that seems to go with everything. Wonderful for picnics or grilling.

Morela Chocolat™
A sophisticated dark chocolate with the sweet tanginess of ripe apricots. Newest batch has been bottled, we are currently waiting for the labels.

Hot Sin®
A delightfully sweet dessert wine with the taste that, we remember dearly from our childhood, of warm cinnamon.

Creme de Blackberry
Ripe blackberries in luscious cream, innocent and yet oh so naughty, perfect for melting your heart.

Morango Chocolat™
Deliciously jammy strawberries with a subtle hint of cocoa; extremely smooth, full bodied.

Groundhog Red
A delightly fruity semi-dry red. For those of you who are looking for a sweet red, this is your wine.

Rendezvous Rose’ Wine
Wonderful fruit forward, semi-dry, crisp lingering finish, European style rose’, balanced, a fun wine to have with dinner,…

Dragon’s Revenge™
Delightfully fruity, dry, however…WARNING, this wine is not for wimps, it has a medium heat level (made with habeneros).