Sunshine Coffee Roasters was founded in in 2016, with a mission to provide the perfect cup of coffee… every time. John, a master roaster for years, and Mike, a man with a passion for quality coffee, started small. Nearly 4 years later they continue to roast every batch from their original retail shop in Larchmont, NY. They put lots of love and careful attention in each batch and offer a variety of blends and single origin beans to customers every day.

Select Blends and Beans From Sunshine Coffee Roasters:

  • Apres Blend – Notes of walnut, cedar and baker’s chocolate with a full body and low acidity.
  • Pacific Blend – A blend of Java, Celebes and Sumatra. Rich chocolate notes of nougat, licorice and honey along with a bright full body.
  • Tropical Blend – A blend of Brazil, Colombia and Honduras. Bright and lively with typical Central and South American notes of honey, berries and citrus.
  • Bali – Soft and mellow with notes of bakers chocolate, black licorice and a slight herbal quality.
  • Decaf Colombia – With notes of cocoa and lemon our fine roasted decaf may not provide you with a jolt, but you won’t know the difference in flavor from our fully caffeinated options.
  • El Salvador – A lighter coffee with notes of brown sugar, cherry and tangerine.
  • Malabar – Heavy syrupy body with notes of chocolate, sweet tobacco, spice and nuts. Beans processed by exposure to 3-4 months of monsoon winds and rain.
  • Sulawese – Certified organic, rare, full bodied and creamy. Clean and sweet with layers of blackberry and chocolate.
  • Moka Java – Smooth and robust with fruity undertones of cherry and berry.
  • Sumatra – Low acidity with a rich, heavy body. Tasting notes of cedar, sweet tobacco, chocolate, and raisin.
  • Yirgacheffe – Unusual but refined. Sweet, chocolate, blueberry and lemon cake flavors. Layered with a deep floral bouquet.

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