Thompson’s Cider Mill creates small batch artisan hard cider and fresh pressed cider from their own orchard grown apples.

Hot or cold, nothing beats the delicious sweetness of fresh-pressed apple cider. Thompson’s makes small batches of fresh-pressed cider, 25 to 30 gallons at a time, up to 250 gallons a week, that sell out each weekend.

Want to enjoy that fresh-taste over the winter? Thompson’s  cider can be frozen in the jug. Simply pour off a cup to allow for expansion, and freeze. The flavor is perfect when thawed.

Thompson’s Cider Mill Hard Ciders

The terroir of Westchester and the Hudson Valley offers the ideal combination of climate, soil and sun to produce some of the world’s best apples. We work with more than 30 varieties in crafting our sparkling dry Heirloom Blend and slightly sweeter semi-dry Antique Apple Blend hard ciders.

Thompson’s Cider Mill  Fresh Pressed Ciders

Generally, the sweeter the apples, the sweeter the cider. To keep Thompson’s Cider Mill cider from being too sweet, takes a delicate blend of as many varieties as possible. Those who have tasted it over the years regard it as the best old-fashioned pure cider around.

Thompson’s Cider Mill fresh-presses small batches to produce a unique artisanal cider that is made from a blend of seven to 25 different apple varieties. Many of the blends include heirloom or antique varieties that have become rare. They add immeasurably to the overall flavor, aroma and body of our sweet cider.

Apple Wine

Our Blossom White Apple Wine makes a great gift for a friend, or for yourself!

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