Like most Americans, I like a lofty mission. Also like most Americans, I appreciate noble causes, underdog causes, rise from the ashes and even Alamo efforts. It kick starts me when an organization steps forward with a lofty endeavor that makes you wonder if they’ve lost it.

In most cases they haven’t lost it. They’ve found it. They have found the thing, the concept, the belief, the cause, that takes them to a higher level of commitment and sustains greater action. Something kicked this feeling off in me while reading about and watching videos about the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

What a wonderful asset to our Hudson Valley/Capital Region community. Well over 100 years of community service (yes, animal welfare is very much a community service). Not just caring for and about dogs and cats but also farm animals, snakes, birds, fish, almost any creature that Mother Nature keeps under her roof. Near 7000 in-need, sick, homeless and abused creatures cross their portal to safety and hope every year.

The good work done by Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is indeed commendable but what really caught my attention was something in their mission statement- “We envision a community in which it is unacceptable to neglect, abuse or abandon animals…” That’s the motivating cause and it’s considerably tougher than the physical services that the organization provides on a daily basis. Their direct service is to our animal community. Their cause is to change our society. Those with less commitment will take the first over the second. Kudos to MHHS for having the fortitude to tackle what seems like the impossible.