The Greene Land Trust is dedicated to helping to protect the many places that make Greene County such a special place. Scenic vistas that inspired the Hudson River school of painters, agricultural lands that are an important part of our heritage; mountains and valleys that have attracted visitors for generations, habitat for an abundance of wild things and open spaces that offer recreation opportunities for us and future generation; all of these deserve our care and our concern.

The Greene Land Trust will maintain the highest levels of integrity and openness in our relations with the public and property owners. In 2015 the Trust received national recognition as an Accredited Land Trust. To earn accreditation land trusts must submit extensive documentation and undergo a rigorous review. “Through accreditation land trusts conduct important planning and make their operations more efficient and strategic,” said Accreditation Commission Executive Director Tamara Van Ryn. “Accredited organizations have engaged and trained citizen conservation leaders and improved systems for ensuring that their conservation work is permanent.”


Greene Land Trust Projects

Grassland Stewardship
Grasslands, which include open fields, pasture and farmland, are rapidly being lost in Greene County due to development pressures and other factors. These open spaces that define the pastoral beauty of our communities, and provide habitat for at-risk grassland birds, are predominately in private ownership.

William Brandow House
The Greene Land Trust purchased this historic home from Scenic Hudson on October 1, 2009. The house was built in 1788 for William Brandow. The building is locally known as the Willows at Brandow’s point and is located at 480 Route 385 in the town of Athens, Greene County. In November 2009 the house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Natural Resource Maps for Greene County
Having accurate and easily accessible information is important for making good decisions. GLT is working with Hudsonia, Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Greene County Conservatioon Leader’s Alliance to provide maps showing a wide range of natural resources for Greene County.

Natural Resource Inventory and Conservation Priorities
The Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) for Greene County is now complete and available on line. There is also a brief interactive “story map” that provides an easy way to access much of the information in the NRI.