The Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating, maintaining, promoting and improving the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in Highland, NY.

Lying quietly to the west of the mighty Hudson River in the Mid-Hudson Valley is a quiet jewel stretching lazily from the hamlet of Highland westward toward New Paltz. The sun sparkles off the nearby creeks and ponds, the forest climbs the surrounding Illinois Mountain and the pleasures of enjoying the tranquil beauty and splendor of the countryside on a broad and level pathway await you.

This pleasant family friendly boulevard thru nature is better known as the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, created, supported and maintained by the forward thinking people of the Town of Lloyd in Ulster County. The trail will stretch 7.5 miles, from its connection to the Walkway Over the Hudson in Highland and meanders up and through the hamlet of Highland then heading west joining up with Route 299 and terminating at South Street near the New Paltz Town Line when complete.

The Hudson Valley Rail Trail Association, Highland, New York, sponsors a number of major events throughout the year. All proceeds from events directly benefit the Hudson Valley Rail Trail. The money is used for: Trail maintenance, Improvements, Expansions, Grant matching funds and Publicity.