Hudson Lab School offers a progressive K-8 program that infuses academics with the joys of childhood and a spirit of innovation to equip children to thrive as adults. The goal for students extends way beyond college admissions. By empowering children to trust themselves to figure out what they want and teaching them the process to figure out how to create it, they will have what it takes to lead a well-lived, joyful life. From co-designing their class projects, our students will graduate on to designing their own futures. They will have the creativity and courage to take daunting risks, they will grow stronger from life’s inevitable failures, and they will endeavor to shape their world through marvelous adventures.

The school offers lower school and middle school education, Hudson Lab School teaches students how to learn to learn. allow students to learn at their own pace through small, dynamic groupings and a mix of direct instruction, independent practice, instructional games, and real-world, hands-on activities. As students successfully master new knowledge, skills and habits, learning becomes fun and students gain confidence and trust in their own learning process.

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