Val Kill

Acroterion, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Val-Kill is a cottage retreat that belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States. The estate was restored to its original state when Eleanor lived there. The National Park Service manages the entire site and offers tours to the public. The Friends Committee of ERVK looks after the Stone Cottage.

ERLC was established to honor Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy and continue her work. The organization focuses on social issues important to Mrs. Roosevelt, such as racial equality, human rights, youth development, and women’s empowerment. It runs various programs and projects related to these causes.

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the most influential and admired women in history, owing to her profound compassion, unshakable empathy, unwavering integrity, and remarkable intelligence. She deeply desired to serve others and was the epitome of authenticity. Her ideals were born of idealism and nurtured by a realistic recognition of the needs of all human beings. She mentored a nation and inspired a global community, completely transforming the ceremonial role of the First Lady of the United States.

No woman in modern history has left such a lasting impression for causes promoted, opinions expressed, distances spanned, people spoken to, words printed, or honors conferred. The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill is changing the thoughts and actions of our time by developing transformational leaders empowered to shape their lives and the lives of others. They inspire a generation to lead through their minds and hearts by understanding their rights and the rights of others, using their voice for determined action, and living up to their maximum abilities and opportunities.

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