Museum Village is a 19th century recreated village and museum that houses thousands of historic artifacts in approximately 20 buildings. It is a unique and inviting open-air historical museum which offers visitors the opportunity to explore vignettes of 19th century American life.

Using a large collection of eclectic artifacts, the museum provides hands-on educational experiences and exhibits that illustrate the transition from a rural to an industrial culture and economy in America.

The Museum Village vision is to educate generations of Americans about the work and life of their ancestors. Through educational programs, hands-on-exhibits and special events Museum Village is dedicated to exploring and interpreting 19th century rural life as well as inspiring an appreciation for the evolution of industry and technology in America.

Museum Village also offers ongoing educational programs and workshops for schools and groups. These programs play a key role in educating our youth by taking history out of the classroom and providing teachers with an invaluable tool needed to fulfill the teaching mandates for local history.

Museum Village offers a unique setting for your next gathering. For small intimate occasions or large parties of 300 or more, our picturesque 28 acres surrounded by a recreated 19th century village adds a special charm.[/fusion_builder_column]