The Darrow School is a boarding and day school for diverse high school students from across the United States and beyond. Inspiring college-bound students since 1932, Darrow’s enduring gift to every student is the agency to pursue a purpose greater than themselves. We dare, and our daring can move the world.

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Explore The Darrow School courses and departments to learn what they teach and how they teach it, as well as the principles and practices at work within the curriculum.

Within each department, you will feel the spirit of intellectual investigation and active learning. Within every class, you will find an average of nine students, and a creative, fearless energy that inspires students to take risks. Within each student, the roots of scholarship – and daring – are growing, and growing, and growing.

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Every Darrow student has a faculty advisor who supports the student in navigating academic and personal challenges and understands the student’s total experience. The advisor also corresponds with parents to update them about how their son or daughter is doing. Faculty advisors provide a critical connection between parents and the school community. A Darrow advisor is a mentor, counselor, and advocate all rolled into one.