Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary provides a permanent home to animals who may not be suitable for adoption due to medical or behavioral special needs. These animals are each evaluated and given a personalized enrichment and training protocol for our staff and volunteers to follow. Just because they are with us for life, doesn’t mean we let them sit here and do nothing! We work every single day to make their lives fun, exciting, and productive!

After watching dog after dog be euthanized in our area’s shelters, simply for small and manageable behavioral concerns, we became drawn to the idea of creating a better option for these dogs and other similar animals of other species. We are committed to a different type of rescue experience. We are a unique combination of adoption and sanctuary facility, taking the pressure of euthanasia away from animals who may not be generically adoptable. We also help our animals thrive, rather than deteriorate, as they wait for forever homes using a combination of enrichment and training techniques.

Some Of The Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary Animals

Most of the animals that come to our rescue are just with us as a stop along their way to their true happy ending. We take in hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, and horses and evaluate them each individually to determine how to best find their forever home.

Many animals that come to us need some sort of medical and/or behavioral rehabilitation to prepare them for adoption. This may be a simple as experiencing positive interactions with humans (for the first time in their lives) to build up their socialization. It may mean they require extensive surgery prior to being physical ready for adoption. Regardless of their needs, we strive to meet them for every single animal.

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