Gopal Organic Farm is located on the fertile flood plains of the Wallkill River, we are a 90-acre farm in the Hudson Valley town of New Paltz, NY, dedicated to practicing agriculture in a way that heals and restores to health many ancient seeds, our soil, our land, and our human and natural communities. The farm grows a large variety of Farm fresh Organic Vegetables (as per the season).

The farm focus is on growing heirloom Indian ethnic specialty vegetables, spices and Ayurvedic herbs sourced from seeds harvested from different regions of India including from the foothills of the Himalayas. The produce thus retains the distinctive aromas, flavors and health attributes for which Indian herbs, vegetables, and spices are renowned worldwide. We hope to preserve many ancient varieties while they are becoming obsolete even in India.

Gopal Organic Farm also produces Ethical milk products sourced from a small herd of A2/A2 grass-fed dairy cows. Our raw milk will be sold directly from the farm. Our cows are free to live out their natural lives and are provided with comfort care at the end stages of life (10% of revenue from all cow products is deposited into a “cows retirement fund” to be utilized specifically for their old age). We support ethical practices through our non-profit Ecownomics.

Cows are an integral part of our community. We are researching and implementing how we can use their various byproducts in support of sustainable agriculture, utilizing concepts learned from ancient Indian Vedic texts for sustainable agriculture in crop production.