At Plan Bee Farm Brewery our mission is to brew 100% New York State beer. We source all our ingredients from the state of New York with many grown on site.

Our beers go from ground to glass within measurable feet of their origins. Our goal is to work with local businesses to produce a delicious product for the community we serve.

At Plan Bee Farm Brewery, our beers are created by the limitation of local resources. From the yeast that grows on our fruit, to the grain & hops in our fields, if it isn’t in our community it doesn’t enter our beer.


Some brews from Plan Bee Farm Brewery:

Hops & Honey – An ale brewed with honey.
Sour Apple – Ale aged in oak barrels with granny smith apples.
Mahican – a 100% New York grown pale ale.
Chocolate Rye – Ale aged in oak barrels
Jonathan Livingston Segal – a light and hoppy lager