Birdhug Studio crafts hand carved wooden bird carvings since 1989. You can order these beautiful birds directly from the artist and not a distributor.

My name is Jenny Zhi, I live in Rosendale, New York with my husband Yao Ming, and our three beautiful children. Birdhug Studio is a family owned/operated business located in Rosendale, NY. Started in later 1989.

We began doing bird carvings in 1989 which was the first year we came to America. We are self-taught carvers and began to carve birds as a hobby. In 1995, we won first, second and third place in the Wildlife Carving Festival in Kingston, New York.

We have been working and training several artists at our studios since the late 90’s. Now our birds are available at many galleries and private collections around worldwide. We are offering original bird carvings at the lowest price possible and shipping them to you in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Carving Process

  • Shape sketched on a rough cut piece of basswood with a bird pattern.
  • Hand chisels are used to cut wood and add details.
  • Foredom woodcarving Power tools is used to Polish the bird.
  • Burning pen is used to add more details, like each feather is given definition using a burning pen.
  • Both bird and base are finished with acrylic paints.
  • Glass eyes and bronze feet.
  • Mount the bird.