Catskill Mountain Moccasins method of production is truly old world…fine footwear handmade by people for people. There is no assembly line. Each pair of moccasins is made by one artisan, one pair at a time. Every detail of your order is made exactly to your specifications from a mold of your feet and legs taken by us at one of our events or by a fitting kit shipped to you.

The basic custom made moccasin is made out of standard bullhide with straight trim, straight tabs and a straight heel, using British half or one penny buttons and the polyurethane soles are available in any height or color.

Catskill Mountain Leather Co. Inc. is proud to introduce a new line of footwear; Pre-made Sandals. In keeping with our their American Buffalo and Shrunken bullhide, they are now producing sandals, by hand, from the same American Buffalo and shrunken bullhide.