Maura Marcks creates handmade colorful clothing and accessories using vintage, repurposed and deadstock fabrics. With a focus on abstract, geometric, and pop culture prints, materials are sourced second hand wherever possible.

You can order ready made items or made to order items, both made to Maura’s high standards and using repurposed materials. Pieces are reminiscent of the 70s or 80s with bright colors, weird patterns and nostalgia prints. These creations bring new life to old materials.

Products From Maura Marks:

Made to Order: Grandma Margie silky + boxy
Made to Order – Couples Coordinates
Banana Daiquiri Camp Shirt – Mens
Made to Order: Black Floral Crop
Made to Order – Mickey Mouse Camp Collar
Office Summer Party – Mens
Trapper Keeper Turquoise – Mens
Picnic Time Shirt Dress
Tiny Tropical Shirt Ornament
Bermuda Rectangle Womens
Orange Slice Crop Top Tank – Womens
Pink Carnation Crop Tank – Womens
Sweetheart Robe
Domino Joe – Mens
Riviera Red Flag – Cap Sleeve Crop Womens
We got Ants Crop Long Sleeve
Green and Seafoam Rectangles – Mens
Dick Van Dyke Floral Stripe – Mens
Royal Purple Flush – Cropped Womens
Made to Order Memories Bedsheet Shirt
Boca Vista Camp Shirt – Unisex
Cranberry (Plymouth) Horizon – Mens
Made-to-Order: Standard Vacation Shirt
Made to Order: Ribbons & Begonias Mashup
Classy Mango Crop Tank
Made to Order – Simple seersucker tee
Made To Order – Purple Gingham Love
Made to Order – Ric Rack Tulip
$Made-to-order Poolside Robe
Hand crochet hoop earrings – bold fun colors
Red Party Vacation Set
Bali Blue Flag – Mens