Fiam Guitars are world-class instruments built in New York. Time, energy, and decades of expertise go into designing, building, and testing each guitar built in their shop. The bodies are handmade using vintage tools that they have collected and restored. The proprietary pickups are designed in-house then machined and hand-wound in the U.S.A…

Fiam Guitars is the Hudson Valley’s destination for guitar restorations, mind-blowing mods, and challenging repairs. Quick turnaround for setups, re-frets, and many other repairs. The luthier-owned and operated guitar shop is a workspace, not a showroom. The shop is stocked with the highest quality tonewood, hardware, and pickups. The vetted arsenal of precision vintage machinery is ready to fabricate.

When Fiams Guitars mods a guitar, they take the everyday acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or vintage guitar that needs some serious mojo and we mod it out to make it sound better, play better, and look cooler than ever imagined.

They have an impressive collection of vintage parts, access to unique items not found in the typical parts catalog, and many long-standing partnerships with American machinists who make superior parts like vintage-quality pickups that are hand-wound in the U.S.A.