Kieran Kinsella Woodworks is known for its exquisite collection of stools and side tables meticulously hand-carved from the trunks of locally sourced trees and salvaged hardwoods. Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Kieran Kinsella Woodworks takes pride in creating these unique pieces in their studio in Accord, NY.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in the intricate designs, constantly evolving under the skilled hands of sculptor and furniture maker Kieran Kinsella. Each wood piece is carefully crafted from select Northeast hardwoods, ensuring quality and durability, and is meticulously kiln-dried. In addition to their woodwork, Kieran Kinsella Woodworks also produces handmade ceramics using slip-cast porcelain and hand-built stoneware, reflecting the same level of artistry and dedication found in their wood pieces.