The work of Peter Harrison has journeyed from one-of-a-kind furniture, to sculpture, to his present line of handmade limited production furniture.

In 2007, Peter Harrison constructed a new 2300 square foot studio just outside of Saratoga Springs NY. In early 2008 he relocated his equipment and started working from the new building. The new building is situated on 11 acres of an old farm and features 13′ high ceilings with great views. His machines were mostly built in the golden age of american manufacturing, the 1940’s and 1950’s. Most have been rebuilt and restored to exacting specifications. Many have even been modified to achieve tolerances greater than originally intended. This work is all done in house in our metalworking shop which features its own array of machines. This investment gives him unique capabilities to have creative freedom in many materials.

The style of my furniture grew out of a desire to build without traditional woodworking joinery. This began as a method of making furniture, but quickly became integral to the composition and design of my work. I use three materials: Wood, Metal, and Concrete. Each has characteristics that are specifically suited for different elements. The aesthetic nature of the elements long ago became more important than their convenience.

My designs break from traditional furniture forms. It is rare that I build a table with four legs. Decorative components made from stainless steel cables or rods are used as important visual elements. I find these elements give life to my pieces. Pure minimalism errs towards being boring. My work celebrates materials and maintains a pure feeling that is modern without being devoid of details.