Gary Mead Wood Compositions creates handcrafted tables, home interior items, and toys that are crafted with love, care, and a deeply-rooted respect for nature. Mead’s business is handmade, infused with the unflagging spirit of the American dream and the devotion of a folk artist, from the floorboards to the ceiling.

His sawmill, dry kiln, and the Gary Mead Gallery are nestled in a serene hollow of Pakatakan Mountain, in Margaretville, New York. In this sanctuary, he cuts and kiln-dries the boards, then lovingly begins to create his visions–uniquely beautiful pieces like his Mother & Child Pantry, a 7 foot tall and 3 1/2 foot wide hollow hemlock trunk (the mother) within which he has inserted another 7 foot by 5 inch solid hemlock log (the child) and 7 lazy susans; or The Xylophone Table that he carved with a handmade jig, his first inspiration for following the natural curve of a tree; and the stunning Cider Mill Press Base Table made from the 20-ton white pine planks of a local cider press upon which, over the last 69 years, hundreds of thousands of gallons of apple cider have flowed, naturally staining the wide, worn boards the warm honeyed color of apple juice.

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