Collectively, Precision Drum Company’s staff has many years of experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, design, tool and die, and machinist. Serving drummers since 1961, Precision Drum Company has the experience to provide outstanding service.

Precision Drum Company has the experience, product line, and reputation to serve you best. High quality custom drums and drum building supplies including drum recovering wrap, hardware and Keller shells, as well as drum repair services, are just some of their offerings.


Custom Drums
Drum Parts
Drum Shells
Drum Wraps
Maple Drum Hoops


Bearing Edge Re-Cutting
Hole Drilling
Rewrap Services
Shell Cutting
Snare Beds

Other Services

  • Build your own kit with our supplies and advice.
  • Repair of lifted wrap seams.
  • Acrylic shell drilling and bearing edge cutting.
  • Notching / gluing together more than one shell to create extended depths.
  • Custom bearing edge contours.
  • Patching of unwanted holes in shells.
  • Fabrication of unique parts per customer specs.
  • Repair loose or cracked reinforcing rings.
  • Cymbal rivet installation.
  • Add on drums.