PetitFelts crafts each piece by hand using a technique called needle felting. The process involves tangling the fibers of wool with a barbed needle in order to create wool sculpture. The wool is hand dyed and never uses armatures of any kind.

Owner Jocelyn Gayle Krodman graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design back in 2005, with a BFA in Metals and Jewelry. After relocating to the Hudson River Valley in 2011, she switched gears and put away the silver in order to focus on her love of felting.

Jocelyn is an artist living and working in Kingston, NY. She created her brand, PetitFelts, in 2011 and since then she has made it her goal to create high quality, unique needle felted pieces. She strives to make animals that spring to life through their expressions and whimsical humor. She puts lots of love into her work and above all else, she hopes that people can sense that when they come across her creations.