Paula Greif is a highly skilled and passionate artist who draws constant inspiration from the works of 20th-century studio potters. She profoundly admires the creations of icons like Lucie Rie, Beatrice Wood, and the Japanese artist Rosanjin-Kitaoji. She also takes inspiration from Mexican folk pottery and American stoneware bottles to create unique and pieces of art.

Paula spends most of her time experimenting with new ideas and shapes in her studio. She believes in creating unique pieces of art that stand out, so she never resorts to mass-producing her pottery. Instead, she prefers to make small batches of 10 or 12 pieces at a time. Though not all of her creations survive, Paula takes immense pride in the pieces that do and enjoys sharing them with the world.

Her love for pottery and art is evident in her passion for her work, and she finds listening to the Trevor Wilkins Calypso Radio Show on Saturday nights a great way to unwind while working on her latest creations. Paula Greif is an artist who has devoted her life to her passion, and her commitment to creating unique and beautiful pieces sets her apart.