Rexhill Handmade Furniture is dedicated to craftsmanship and intuitive design. We want to connect you to the world around you, and have it reflect how beautiful you are. Custom cabinetry and furniture, made with our hands in the Hudson Valley, NY.

We started Rexhill to create contemporary furniture that preserves the warmth and appeal of traditional craftsmanship. We are a family-owned business and partnership. Justin King is a furniture designer and trained woodworker with a background in fine arts. Paula King is a designer who is the fourth-generation of her family to work in the furniture industry.

At Rexhill Handmade Furniture we’re true believers in the value of crafting furniture by hand, especially in this disposable age. By using traditional woodworking and joinery, we bring time-honored quality to contemporary designs. Our aim is to make enduring work that creates an emotional connection. We build pieces not just to be used, but also loved for many years to come.