RG Clay Creations of Warwick NY sells unique handmade jewelry of clay, fused glass, sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and glass beads. Find your own personal expression as you wear these one-of-a-kind pieces of earthy elegance.

“Each ceramic pendant is shaped by hand from white or red stoneware clay, sanded and then kiln fired for several hours. After applying my glazes, they are fired a second time. Though the process is long, the wait is worth it. When that kiln is opened up for the second time, it never ceases to amaze me how an amorphous lump of clay has been transformed into wearable art.

The glazing of many of my pieces is enhanced by chips of colored glass. The glass liquefies during the firing process, and when it cools, crystallizes into an agate-like effect with beautiful rich color. Some pendants have iron oxide around the edges to create an earthier look, against the subtle and bright designs. Elegant, yet earthy is how I describe them.” Roberta Green