Shana Lee creates handmade jewelry in the Hudson Valley using ancient forging techniques that set them apart from other jewelers.

The work is labor intensive, and highly skilled. Other techniques employed are casting, sawing, soldering and stamping. Our raw precious metals are 90% recycled, which means we purchase them straight from a refinery. We do not believe in mining the earth for more precious metal when it is already so abundantly found.

At Shana Lee Jewelry, we specialize in Vermeil (pronounced Ver-May): thickly gold-plated sterling silver. This means our vermeil is made entirely of precious metal (unlike jewelry that is “gold plated” or “silver plated” in which base metals such as brass or steel are used – we do not do this). Our vermeil is of the highest quality. The company we use is one of only two eco-friendly vermeil specialists in the country. This is why there may be a longer wait for our vermeil items.

Shana Lee is a wildly prolific jewelry designer whose creative vision is matched only by her technical skills. Although her “hand” and style are recognizable in every piece, the collections are inexhaustible in range. When asked if she is obsessed with designing and making jewelry she quietly answered, “No, it is part of me like skin, it is in me like a heartbeat.”