Sloop Brewing brings together a solid foundation in the craft of brewing and a love for adventure to create unique beers for beer lovers — and people that just have good taste. Not content with simply brewing to style, but never weird just for weirdness’ sake, every Sloop beer offers something to love.

Vosburgh Orchards is home to Sloop Brewing and tasting room, a partnership set to revitalize the farm and expand it as a farm brewery. The blend of a farm rooted in tradition with Sloop’s original craft beers offers the Hudson Valley a unique tasting room and farm atmosphere, and Vosburgh Orchards will be able to expand their link to the Hudson Valley community, build a sustainable model for upstate New York agriculture, and continue serving upstate New York for generations to come.

Some Beer selections from Sloop Brewing

    OG: 1.060 // ABV: 6.7% // IBU: 34
    A bold, aggressive red IPA brewed with different hop varieties starting with the letter “c”. Caramel malts provide a deep red hue and lend a malty backbone to go with the fruity hop flavor and aroma. A clean American ale yeast allows your pallet to taste and detect each component.
    OG: 1.050 // ABV: 5.5% // IBU: 30
    A dry-hopped pale ale made with four grains — barley, wheat, oats, and rye. The complex grain profile balances well with the citrusy American hops, while the clean ale yeast puts forward the deep flavor of the hops and grains.
    OG 1.048 // ABV: 5.2% // IBU: 12
    A Belgian farmhouse ale dry-hopped with galaxy hops. The simple grain bill lays a solid ground for late hop additions during dry-hopping, adding flavor and aroma that can’t be quantified with simple IBUs. The expressive Belgian farmhouse yeast provides complexity, fruitiness, and a classic farmhouse flavor.
    A rare American pale ale that is brewed only once a year, during harvest season. The simple malt bill combines with the freshest hops we can find, and the hops are used with 24 hours of harvest to give the brightest hop flavor around.
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