Baabda Soap, founded in 2019, creates handcrafted artisan soaps in small batches using ancient recipes, ingredients & methods found in soap making. The soap is made all natural, delicate, sustainable & multipurpose for everyone to enjoy & benefit from.

All bars are hand made in small batches using both hot and cold process methods, depending on the recipe. Once made, they are given several months to cure to ensure the longevity, quality, effectiveness & lather of the bar. The result? Imagine a lotion that cleanses & reduces skin irritation by encouraging you to gently lather the soap thoroughly on your skin.

Some Of The Baabda Soap Offerings:

Taher, the newest soap of the collection, translates to something that is “pure” or “immaculate” enough to be holy. A soothing addition to any wash time, Taher is made with a hint of rosemary oil mixed with honey & beeswax. It is also made with a little more laurel oil for some extra cleanliness & deodorizing properties for delicate skin & hair types.

Baabda is a timeless, pure & unscented 100% olive oil recipe. Also known as Baladi (or Castile) soap. It does not contain any laurel. This bar cleanses & moisturizes all skin & hair types delicately. It is free of any additives making it suitable for children.

The newest addition to the collection, Melanthion is a 25% laurel soap bar that works great as a multipurpose cleanser. The small luxurious lather is great to wash any excessive dirt & is suitable for oily hair. Enjoy the benefits of cumin seed oil that go back more than 2000 years. Cumin seed oil has been shown to have analgesic properties that could help alleviate pain & includes anti inflammatory properties to soothe skin. Activated charcoal gives this bar extra cleansing abilities.

Jasmine Sun
As bright & nourishing as the sun, calendula petals were infused in olive oil for this dream smelling bar. This is a semi-mild Aleppo soap recipe, with 15% laurel.

Sabah is a mildly exfoliating bar. It is a semi-mild Aleppo soap recipe, with 15% laurel. Feel uplifted by the smooth, geranium tea scent while washing. Enjoy its oil balancing properties on your face & hair or the exfoliating tea grounds on your body.

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