Northern Catskills Essentials crafts primitive soap and nourishing emulsions made with organic and therapeutic ingredients.

All emulsions are made by hand in small batches with love and pure culinary grade and organic vegetable oils and butters (no use of commercial pre-made soap, lotion or cream etc bases).

Perfumes and essences are blended and aged by using essential oils for very realistic scents. All are born of a desire to create toiletries that look, feel and smell wonderful naturally.

Northern Catskills Essentials soaps, creams and lotions are hand made by using a lengthy process with their own proprietary formulas & methods, and reverse osmosis filtered well water or distilled water, primarily organic base oils and therapeutic grade Essential Oils. All products are made “the long way” with the highest quality and most natural ingredients available to ensure stability and longevity for up to 12 – 18+ months from purchase.

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