Here at Third Day Naturals, we pride ourselves in using all-natural ingredients in our products.

We never use fragrance oils, preservatives or artificial colorants. Instead, we use essential oils for scent, vitamin E for preservation of the goodness of each batch, and botanicals or clays for texture and color. All of the base oils used in our soap are good for the skin, and each oil lends a particular quality to the soap—creamy or bubbly lather, extra skin-conditioning, hardness, cleansing are just some of the qualities.

All of our soaps are cold process made. The vast majority of our products are completely vegetable-based and appropriate for vegans. We color and scent our soaps naturally with plant derived ingredients.

Third Day Naturals is a family owned and run business in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.

Third Day Naturals Products

Citrus Sunshine Soap
Lavender Oatmeal Soap
Goat’s Milk, Oats and Honey Soap
Lemongrass Coriander Soap
Peppermint Tea Tree Soap
Naked Oatmeal Soap
Guest/Travel Size Soap
Head-to-Toe Soap
Triple-Mint Mocha Soap
Lavender Soap
Cedar Sage Soap
Multi-Tasking Rosemary
Hippie Spice Patchouli soap>
Nude Soap

Zinc and Castor Oil Cream
Healthy Jelly
Pocket/Travel Size Lotion Stick
Smooth as Silk Lotion Bar

Zinc and Castor Oil Cream
Healthy Jelly
Head-to-Toe Soap
Triple-Mint Mocha Soap
Wonder Balm
Pocket/Travel Size Lotion Stick
Vanilla Lip Balm
Smooth as Silk Lotion Bar
Lime Lip Balm
Herbal Peppermint Lip Balm
Pocket/Travel Size Lotion Bar
Liberated Lip Balm
Java Lip Balm
Citrus Sunshine Body Butter
Lavender Body Butter
Honey Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Chocolate Lip Balm
Mint Rosemary Body Butter
Citrus Sunshine Sugar Scrub
Mint Rosemary Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Body Butter
Lavender Sugar Scrub