Woodstock Herbal Products is committed to creating products in harmony with nature. The Catskills and Hudson Valley are a rich landscape that abounds with small family farms throughout. Whenever possible, Woodstock Herbal Products seeks ingredients from these local organic farms. Woodstock Herbal Products is committed to it’s relationships with these growers that farm with respect for land, water, soil and the whole of the natural landscape that surrounds them. These extracts are created from these herbs and botanicals in their most whole form.

Made from the best available ingredients, Woodstock Herbal Products creates extracts using traditional tincturing methods. Honed in small batches, each individual herb is aged until the peak of its potency, then blended into proven, reliable multiple herb formulas. The best of analytical science is wed to the most ancient of traditional wisdom to assure that all of the items are wisely crafted, safe and effective.


Some of the Woodstock Herbal Products Formulas:

  • Adrenal Formula – Enhances energy without the downside of artificial stimulants.
  • Bronchial Formula – A blend of herbs that promotes respiratory health.
  • Colloidal Silver Formulas – Our Colloidal Silver products consist of 15 to 20 ppm of silver suspended in purified water
  • Elderberry/Olive Syrup – Comforting herbal syrup has noticeable, pleasant elderberry & cherry flavor.
  • Female Balance Formula – Female Balance was developed to balance the highs and lows of the day.
  • Ginko/Brain Formula – A witty blend of mindful herbs.
  • Male Potency Formula – Male Potency was developed using only the finest available energetically-inspired blend of herbs.
  • Never/Sleep Formula – Formula for those seeking to soften the edges and lie undisturbed.
  • Super Immune Formula – Super Immune formula is a blend of handcrafted herbs aged to perfection. We like to call it “Herbal Armor” for the whole body.
  • Vira-Stop Formula – Vira-Stop Formula is a proprietary blend of handcrafted herbs to help support healthy immune function.