Living Edge Designs in the beautiful Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck, hand craft live edge culinary boards out of local hard wood like Oak, Cherry, Sugar Maple, Locust and Sycamore.

Each one of our culinary boards is a celebration of the natural color, spectacular grain, beautiful irregularities and live edge of the tree.

To make our boards, we use ethically harvested wood and we pride ourselves in giving dead standing or storm damaged trees a new purpose.

The wood is cut into flitches or raw slabs and air dried. Each piece is then carefully shaped, paying close attention to highlighting all of the natural characteristics of the wood while creating a well designed functional shape. Each piece is then meticulously sanded through a nine step process to refine the surface. We hot brand our logo onto the back and then apply a generous coat of natural coconut oil to season and protect the surface.

“From Tree to Table” all Living Edge Designs cutting boards, serving platters, bread peels and flight paddles are a unique and functional work of art. Products are available online or at a number of Hudson Valley events and markets.