Oh Crow Creatives, based in New Paltz, NY, put a new twist on a classic device, the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge is handcrafted in the USA for a lifetime of durability. Durable, beautiful and easy to read, this solid copper rain gauge is practical, fun and very cool. The Rain Gauge comes in several different models: stake for placing directly in the ground, tabletop, fence, and deck mounted.

“Can a rain gauge be cool? Normally, no. But this is the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge™ and it will forever change your mind about the humble pluviometer.

Admittedly, our rain gauge is a little different than most. The numbers on the measurement tube are in reverse order. The tube doesn’t hold water. When it’s empty, you can’t see the numbers. What’s going on here? Does this thing even work?

It certainly does. And there’s centuries of science backing it up.

The theory behind our pop-up rain gauge™ is based on Archimedes’ principle of water displacement. As water flows into the copper collection flute, the measurement tube rises to show water accumulation. To paraphrase great man himself, “Eureka! That’s cool!”