Crown Maple Syrup is crafted exclusively from the sap produced by 25,000 majestic sugar and red maple trees on a 800-acre sustainably managed farm. These varieties produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the temperature and terroir of the Hudson River Valley, make it possible for Crown Maple to produce our regal syrup.

Crown Maple artisans complete the process by barreling, testing, sampling and grading the regal Crown Maple Syrup as either Light Amber, Medium Amber or Dark Amber — each with its own distinct taste profile. Then it’s off to bottling and on to your table – where the journey of the purest, highest quality syrup on Earth happily concludes.

“Every decision we make at Crown Maple is driven by Robb and Lydia’s passion for the land at Crown Maple Farm and commitment to producing the purest maple syrup on earth. So it was only natural that we made the decision to pursue the highest seal of purity and quality any food product can obtain: USDA organic certification.”

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